Dolce - Eastern European Restaurant & PizzaDolce - Eastern European Restaurant & Pizza was established in April 2007 by Iuliana Manea, a beyond talented Romanian lady from Vaslui, Romania. She is known by her customers and the city itself as “Julia”. Julia had the passion to take the cuisine she was taught by her own parents initially, refine it with over 40 years of experience in the industry working in Romania, at various high-class restaurants, and the state of Maryland, in the United States. After accumulating enough knowledge in the industry and adding her own twist to her cuisine, Dolce was born. The restaurant specializes in traditional Romanian cuisine (e.g. stuffed cabbage, tochitura moldoveneasca, traditional soups etc.) as well as Italian and American cuisine. Dolce restaurant dining area includes 10 tables able to host about 40 guests. Despite dining in, carry-out, and delivery service, Dolce performs numerous catering services for a variety of businesses and companies in the city of Hagerstown, MD where the establishment is located. Since the establishment was created, it has become notorious for its welcoming atmosphere, quality food, and exceptional service. Today, Dolce has become one, if not the most sought after restaurant in the city and its outskirts.

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